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01 Welcome to Crypto Pynk

Danver Chandler
Danver Chandler
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01 Welcome to Crypto Pynk

AN INTRODUCTION By Danver Chandler

I started the Crypto Pynk writings because I began to see the overlap between blockchain technology, and spirituality and religion...I can no longer unsee their connection.

Hello! I started the Crypto Pynk writings because I began to see the overlap between blockchain technology, and spirituality and religion. Seeing the unconventional relation really began in 2011 when I moved to South Korea - a childhood dream made real.

I spent two years meditating (and teaching) in the mountains of a technologically advanced land. But even prior to Korea, my earliest years were spent between Bibles, and as some of you already know, bombs. This was indeed my very real and very uncommon background where my interests in both topics were cultivated over dining room table conversations and study sessions with my father - a self-taught hypnotist and engineer who instilled in me a love of truth-seeking.

As I grew it was no longer my home or neighborhood, but rather university, the Caribbean, South Korea, and South America where those early understandings evolved into spiritual expeditions of human consciousness - altered and otherwise, and juxtaposed to our ever-evolving technology.

My writings knit the seemingly unrelated together because I can no longer unsee their connection. The writings here will not exactly overlap with the Crypto Pynk video content, and that is okay. As you read, you might find that you are provoked, or you might find something entirely different - welcome it all.

As blockchain technology evolves I can only tell you that my writings will be venturing into unknown territory, though tethered to the collective past, which is vast and deep. I aim to have fun - to play connect the dots, if you will, weaving together religious and historically adjacent domains (i.e., mythology, anthropology, the esoteric, etc...). I don't know where we are headed, but I do hope that you are intrigued to partake in these uncanny insights. I expect nuance will arise, and I welcome your comments so that we might better digest what has been set before us.

Finally, I'd like for you to know that I am also working on my memoir, which takes place during the two years I lived in Korea. It was one of the most transcendent, pivotal, and intoxicating experiences of my life - and it is why my life is now partitioned in two parts: before Korea, and after Korea. While the content of my memoir won't be here explicitly, you will still get tastes of its essence.

Thank you!

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I’m Danver. I spent my childhood between bombs and bibles – literally. Crypto Pynk™ is where I explore blockchain technology through the lens of religion and spirituality.