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Thank you! I’m Danver and I write about blockchain technology and its related industries through the lens of religion, spirituality, and the human desire to seek meaning.

When I originally set out to create Crypto Pynk, it was conceived under the idea that I would film a show of curated blockchain discussions. Yet, before I could even get the first show off the ground, life shifted and the writing arm of Crypto Pynk began to take on a life all its own - likely erupting from discussions with my Saturday morning writing group and listening to a storehouse of talks, audio books, and podcasts. I'm guided by the question, might we better understand blockchain from this lens?

I was raised in the Bible Belt of the American South. I spent my childhood and teenage years jumping in and out of Evangelical, Southern Baptist, Methodist, and non-denominational churches before I left the idea of Christianity completely in 2010. My craving for a spiritual life and a curiosity to know, What is truth?   allowed me to take a few religious courses in (and after) college before I also ventured into Gnosticism, Hinduism, Integral Theory, and the Occult. But I didn't know I'd get my answer to that single question while fulfilling my childhood dream visiting South Korea. In 2011 I packed up everything and moved there, where I taught full time, and meditated in the mountains under a specific teaching. After spending two years in Korea, I returned to California, where I guided students in meditation, became a certified 200Hr+ yoga instructor, and continued to expand my spiritual understandings in altered states of consciousness through meditation and plant medicine.

If I had a wish that I would want to come true it would be for the Vatican to release all of its secret and hidden texts to the public in my lifetime.

For the first part of my career I taught American and world history to twelve and thirteen year-olds. In 2013 I co-created a counter-culture non profit community that focused on the arts. I joined a tech start up in 2015, which unfolded as my entrance into the world of blockchain. At the end of 2017 and throughout 2018 I spent some time in event management contributing to eccentric blockchain events across the globe - Dubai, Ibiza, Mexico, New York while working for an AI startup as the Director of Community. In 2022 I departed from both my non profit and from my position with an AI blockchain startup as the Head of Community.

Currently I am completing my memoir – which explores my adventurous spiritual journey in the mountains of South Korea. You can learn more about me here.

Why Pynk?

Pink is what I aim to bring forward in all of my work. The bright, hot pink color drew me in as a child. Somehow it acted as both Northern Star and inspiration because it animated me to go to South Korea. I've had a wonderful time exploring the etymology of the word, and in so doing stumbled upon this adjacent meaning:

pink: highest type or example of excellence of anything

Why Spiders 🕸️?

My draw towards the spider is symbolic. She presents the strong feminine energy - the creative weaver behind the universe that reveals our interconnected world.

fact: spider silk is stronger than steel

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