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Crypto Pynk

Hello, I'm Danver Chandler.

I spent my childhood between bombs and Bibles – literally. Here, I write about blockchain technology through the lens of religion and spirituality.

I firmly believe that technology beckons us to remember that we are innate creators. And when new technology arrives, it's critical that to engage a variety of perspectives and talk about it.

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The Shift

Crypto Pynk is making a shift. I'm still going to publish articles, but they'll be less frequent. Three or four well-researched articles will be released each year going forward. Why the change? When I began writing here I was full of ideas and time. I still have all these ideas,

The Shift
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06 Why Spirituality & Web3? An Interview with Rahim from Solana Foundation

Why should we consider spirituality in Web3? We track Rahim's early beginnings, and move into topics of leadership, how to cultivate your own spiritual practice, psychedelics, and more!

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05 Gullibility, Crypto Cults, and The Second Great Awakening

"We have no system of our own, nor of others to substitute in lieu of the reigning systems... We wish, we cordially wish, to take the New Testament out of the abuses of the clergy..."

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