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The Shift

Danver Chandler
Danver Chandler
1 min read
The Shift

Crypto Pynk is making a shift. I'm still going to publish articles, but they'll be less frequent. Three or four well-researched articles will be released each year going forward.

Why the change?

When I began writing here I was full of ideas and time. I still have all these ideas, but my time is more limited. This allows me to really let my ideas simmer, which I believe will allow these articles to show up in a brand new way. For this, I'm excited!

What's next?

I'll be publishing the articles every three or fourth months across the year. I can't wait to share the next post here - and soon on

Thank you for reading Crypto Pynk and see you in the next article!

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I’m Danver. I spent my childhood between bombs and bibles – literally. Crypto Pynk™ is where I explore blockchain technology through the lens of religion and spirituality.